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I absolutely love the Victorian High Country and find nothing more grounding, relaxing and enjoyable than heading out into the alps with a pack on my back, leaving the world behind me. That’s why I hike and it is for similar reasons that so many others are heading out into the wilderness, to discover their next adventure.

Rugged Wilderness

The Victorian Alps and the rugged remoteness of this region are the inspiration behind The Buller Huts Trail, an amazing 96km, 7 day, grade 5 circuit trek that I am hoping will become an iconic Victorian trek.

This is not a commercial operation and I do not hope to make money from this site. I built it simply because I love the outdoors and want to make it easy for others to discover their next adventure.

I hope you enjoy the Buller Huts Trail!

Darren Edwards

Passionate About Hiking

My name is Darren Edwards and I am passionate about hiking (or whatever you choose to call it) and my mission is encourage others to get outdoors and discover their next adventure. I have done my best to make this easier by building a free-to-use website that I am extremely proud of, www.trailhiking.com.au

I have also developed a series free-to-download Trail Hiking Guides to assist you in your trip planning, help you prepare for your next hike and encourage you to get outdoors and return safely.



If you are reading this, I would like to remind you that the Buller Huts Trail is not for everyone. This is a challenging trek that should not be underestimated, nor should your abilities. Just because you have undertaken a multi-day hike, does not mean you will be suited to this one. Do not attempt this hike during Summer or Winter. This hike requires that you have a sufficient level of equipment (in good working order), fitness and self-reliance. It is vital that you take personal responsibility for ensuring you are prepared!

All geographical material provided on this web site for viewing and download is for visual representation only and not intended as a navigation tool. Your use of, or reliance upon, the material on this web site is entirely at your own risk and it is agreed that by referencing this material you accept this condition. It is highly recommended that for all long-distance trails the relevant maps and guidebooks are purchased.

The data is derived from a hand-held GPS unit and is therefore NOT accurate enough for navigation. The data has not been verified by a surveyor – it is a visual representation only. Trail Hiking Australia and Darren Edwards makes no representation or warranty that (1) any material on the web site will be accurate, reliable or complete (nor does Trail Hiking Australia or Darren Edwards accept any responsibility arising in any way for errors in, or omissions from that material, even if those errors or omissions occur on account of Trail Hiking Australia or Darren Edwards negligence or gross negligence); or (2) your access to this web site will be timely, secure or uninterrupted.

The trails may include activities which by reason of their physical exertion or the degree of physical fitness required may be unsuitable or dangerous for certain persons, or the web site may describe activities which are inherently dangerous. Trail Hiking Australia and Darren Edwards makes no representations as to the nature, quality or suitability about any or all of the activities shown on this site and the user agrees that the user shall be responsible for first satisfying himself/herself by independent enquiry or advice as to the suitability of the particular activity.

The contents and information presented in this site are based on my personal beliefs and experience and should be referenced as a general information source only.

I believe that where possible this information represents best practice for safe and responsible hiking. Readers should be aware that changes, particularly with respect to hiking trail conditions, safety procedures, first aid methods, may occur subsequent to the time of writing. I cannot accept responsibility for errors, omissions or changes in this information. Nor do I accept responsibility for any loss or injury sustained by any person using this information.

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I personally disclaim all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you might incur as a result of information being inaccurate or incomplete in any way, and for any reason.

Remember, a GPS receiver or smartphone is a complement to navigation and should never be the only navigational tool that you use. Using a paper map, a simple compass, and having knowledge of manual navigation is a good, safe practice. GPS and smartphone should be utilized as a guide, not as the absolute definition of what happened. This applies to any device that is not a professional survey tool. For this reason all gpx files downloaded from this site should be treated as a guide only.

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Updated November 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any side trips on the trek?2017-12-02T18:31:56+11:00

There are a number of side trips along the route. I have identified these on the overall route map using an orange dotted line and have also included the descriptions for these under the notes for each day in the itinerary. Please let me know if you are aware of any other side trips that should be included.

Are there tracks from hut to hut?2017-12-04T16:26:32+11:00

Are there tracks from hut to hut, or are there sections that are cross-country?

The entire circuit is on recognised trails and 4WD tracks. The only section that was slightly overgrown, last time I was there, was along McCormacks Trail, the spur that is ascended between King Hut and Craig’s Hut. I have done my best not to make any of this trek off-trail but cannot guarantee that environmental conditions may change.


Can I sleep in the huts?2017-12-20T16:10:38+11:00

Not all campsites are located near huts and it is wise not to plan on sleeping in the huts. Typically huts are for emergency use only and may not be accessible. Ensure you are self-reliant and plan to pitch your tent in campsites nearby. Please read the section on camping and caring for alpine huts as well as the Victorian High Country Huts Code of Conduct.

Can I use an app to follow the trail2017-12-04T15:54:48+11:00

From a safety perspective you always need to ensure that you have a map and compass (and obviously know how to use them) for alpine or multi-day hikes, such as this. If you are using an app, for a quick location reference, I have personally used Memory Maps and Pocket Earth as these allow you to import GPX files. Pocket earth is only available on iPhone so if you are on android I’d suggest searching for an app that allows for track importing and offline use (with topographic detail). Please don’t ever use an app as your sole or primary navigation tool. If you don’t know how to use a map and compass I would suggest gaining experience with these tools before heading out on the trail.

Did you create this trail?2017-12-02T10:28:50+11:00

I certainly don’t claim to have created any of the trails along this trek and I know that there are trail running and endurance events that use a similar circuit. The route I have plotted for the Buller Huts Trail is based on my own experience and adventures as a hiker and I love walking in this region so much that I felt the circuit needed an official name and its own website. What I am really trying to achieve is to make it easy for people to experience this trek in the hope that one day, this will become an iconic Victorian trail and that is the sole reason behind anything I have pulled together.

Do I need to book campsites?2017-12-07T10:40:06+11:00

There is no requirement to book or pay for campsites along this circuit. They are all on public land and have been provided by the land managers at no cost.

Does the trek have to start at Mount Buller?2017-12-05T08:16:26+11:00

I have started and ended this circuit trek in the Buller Alpine Resort. The reasons for this are primarily for vehicle access as during most seasons it is easy to drive any vehicle to the start point. There are a number of access points along the trail but most, if not all, of these are only accessible via 4WD.

Is it possible to have 4WD access to all the campsites2018-12-17T10:30:21+11:00

Fortunately you are in luck for the most part. I planned the circuit so that it was close to access points where possible. The reason for this is for emergency exits as well as food and gear drops. You will only have one night where you cannot drop off food and supplies. I have noted them below.

Day 1: Accessible via 4WD at 8 Mile Flat
Day 2: Accessible via 4WD at Bluff Hut
Day 3: NOT accessible by vehicle
Day 4: Accessible via 4WD at Speculation Road
Day 5: Accessible via 4WD at King Hut along the King River
Day 6: Accessible via 4WD at Craigs Hut
Day 7: Mt Buller

There will be a lot of driving required to access all of these points and you will need a 4WD for most of them.

Is this a guided adventure?2017-12-04T11:34:55+11:00

The Buller Huts Trail is a self-guided adventure for self-reliant and independent outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for remote wilderness. There are no official guided tour offerings at this stage, but watch this space as they may be available in the future.

What direction should we walk?2017-12-02T15:39:01+11:00

This circuit trek can be undertaken in any direction. Personally I prefer the challenge of a nice climb early in the hike so it is my recommendation that you follow the suggested itinerary and head down Four Mile Spur first.

What is the best season for this trek?2017-12-02T12:04:42+11:00

As far as the seasons are concerned, that all depends on your sense of adventure and experience. For 99% of people I would recommend that late spring or autumn are the best seasons to undertake this trek. That will ensure milder weather and will offer a greater chance of procuring water along the route.

What is the cost of this trek?2017-12-07T10:45:45+11:00

As this is a self-guided trek the only expenses you will incur are your costs to get to and from the trail-head, your food, gear and any food and/or water drops that you decide to prepare. There are no costs for campsites, no fees payable to undertake this trek and no National Park entry fees to pay.

What topographic map should I use?2017-12-04T15:59:44+11:00

Buller-Howitt Alpine Area

For route planning and whilst on the trail I have used and recommend the Buller-Howitt Alpine Area Outdoor Recreation Guide by Spatial Vision.

SCALE: 1:50,000
COVERAGE: Mt Buller, Mt Stirling, Mt Howitt, Wonnangatta Station
IDEAL FOR: Bushwalking, Cross-country skiing, mountain biking and car touring
SIZE (folded):135mm wide and 250mm high
SIZE (unfolded): 675mm wide by 1000mm high

The Buller-Howitt Alpine Area recreation guide has been developed in consultation with Parks Victoria.

Where can I download a GPX file?2017-12-02T10:35:16+11:00

Please visit www.trailhiking.com.au to access the GPX file for this trail. By downloading any GPX files from this site you agree that its use, and reliance upon, is entirely at your own risk. These files are for non-commercial, personal use only. I will endeavour to ensure the accuracy and currency of the data, but accept no responsibility in this regard, or the results of any actions taken, when using the digital route files.

Where is the start point?2017-12-02T15:34:30+11:00

The Buller Huts Trail commences on Mount Buller, high in the Victorian Alps on Athletes Walk, near the junction of Mount Buller and Summit Roads. The reality is that you can actually start this trek anywhere in the Mount Buller Alpine Resort. Wherever you choose to start will obviously be your finishing point.

Have a question to ask or just want to get in touch?

“In every walk with nature,

one receives far more than he seeks.”

John Muir

“Do not go where the path may lead,

go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Mountains have a way

of dealing with overconfidence.”

Nemann Buhl


  1. Jessica Lawson 27 November 2021 at 22:11 - Reply

    Hey Darren

    I’m thinking of doing this solo.. in Jan I’ve done a few big hikes solo but this will be a challenge .. just wanted to see if you were open to conferring re details. Have just ordered a gos but navigation is something for me to improve on.

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