Is it possible to have 4WD access to all the campsites

Fortunately you are in luck for the most part. I planned the circuit so that it was close to access points where possible. The reason for this is for emergency exits as well as food and gear drops. You will only have one night where you cannot drop off food and supplies. I have noted them below. Day 1: Accessible via 4WD at 8 Mile Flat

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Do I need to book campsites?

There is no requirement to book or pay for campsites along this circuit. They are all on public land and have been provided by the land managers at no cost.

Do I need to book campsites?2017-12-07T10:40:06+11:00

Does the trek have to start at Mount Buller?

I have started and ended this circuit trek in the Buller Alpine Resort. The reasons for this are primarily for vehicle access as during most seasons it is easy to drive any vehicle to the start point. There are a number of access points along the trail but most, if not all, of these are only accessible via 4WD.

Does the trek have to start at Mount Buller?2017-12-05T08:16:26+11:00

Are there tracks from hut to hut?

Are there tracks from hut to hut, or are there sections that are cross-country? The entire circuit is on recognised trails and 4WD tracks. The only section that was slightly overgrown, last time I was there, was along McCormacks Trail, the spur that is ascended between King Hut and Craig’s Hut. I have done my best not to make any of this trek off-trail but

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What topographic map should I use?

For route planning and whilst on the trail I have used and recommend the Buller-Howitt Alpine Area Outdoor Recreation Guide by Spatial Vision. SCALE: 1:50,000 COVERAGE: Mt Buller, Mt Stirling, Mt Howitt, Wonnangatta Station IDEAL FOR: Bushwalking, Cross-country skiing, mountain biking and car touring EDITION: 2 SIZE (folded):135mm wide and 250mm high SIZE (unfolded): 675mm wide by 1000mm high The Buller-Howitt Alpine Area recreation guide has been developed in consultation

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Can I use an app to follow the trail

From a safety perspective you always need to ensure that you have a map and compass (and obviously know how to use them) for alpine or multi-day hikes, such as this. If you are using an app, for a quick location reference, I have personally used Memory Maps and Pocket Earth as these allow you to import GPX files. Pocket earth is only available on

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Can I sleep in the huts?

Not all campsites are located near huts and it is wise not to plan on sleeping in the huts. Typically huts are for emergency use only and may not be accessible. Ensure you are self-reliant and plan to pitch your tent in campsites nearby. Please read the section on camping and caring for alpine huts as well as the Victorian High Country Huts Code of Conduct.

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Are there any side trips on the trek?

There are a number of side trips along the route. I have identified these on the overall route map using an orange dotted line and have also included the descriptions for these under the notes for each day in the itinerary. Please let me know if you are aware of any other side trips that should be included.

Are there any side trips on the trek?2017-12-02T18:31:56+11:00

What direction should we walk?

This circuit trek can be undertaken in any direction. Personally I prefer the challenge of a nice climb early in the hike so it is my recommendation that you follow the suggested itinerary and head down Four Mile Spur first.

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Where is the start point?

The Buller Huts Trail commences on Mount Buller, high in the Victorian Alps on Athletes Walk, near the junction of Mount Buller and Summit Roads. The reality is that you can actually start this trek anywhere in the Mount Buller Alpine Resort. Wherever you choose to start will obviously be your finishing point.

Where is the start point?2017-12-02T15:34:30+11:00
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