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Hidden gems of Australia’s wilderness

Hidden gems of Australia's wilderness

Seeking an off-the-beaten-path multi-day hiking adventure in Australia, Adrian Hendroff embarked on the Buller Huts Trail, a challenging 100km loop nestled in the Victorian Alps near the ski town of Buller. The trail, initially conceived by Darren Edwards in 2017, traverses a diverse landscape, including 4WD roads, ridgeline tracks, river crossings, and steep ascents.

Accompanied by friends, Hendroff set off on their journey, armed with essential navigation tools and map knowledge. The first day’s trek through a vibrant floral landscape led to a well-deserved break by the Howqua River. Rather than following the original route to 7mile Camp, the group opted for Ritchies Hut, offering stunning scenery and multiple water crossings.

Subsequent days presented varying challenges, from arduous uphill climbs to sporadic rain and encounters with friendly strangers. Hendroff and their companions strategically waited out the inclement weather at Vallejo Hut, a welcoming rest stop with a cozy fireplace and access to a natural spring.

As the trek progressed, the rugged terrain demanded perseverance and caution. The hikers faced challenging stretches like the “Cross Cut Saw” and the “Cursed Blackberry Forest,” but the breathtaking panoramas and encounters with nature’s beauty kept them motivated.

The expedition concluded with a final push through unpredictable weather, as the hikers navigated steep tracks and encountered bold 4WD vehicles along the way. Despite getting soaked to the bone in the rain and hail, the team successfully completed the trail, ending their exhilarating and challenging adventure on a memorable note.

Hendroff’s journey highlights the hidden gems of Australia’s wilderness and the rewards of seeking adventure beyond the popular tourist destinations. With careful planning and preparation, the Buller Huts Trail offers a unique and unforgettable experience for experienced hikers seeking a challenging and rewarding trek.

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